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Datalogging for mapping in uprated injectors

The Problem & The Answer

Datalogging for mapping in uprated injectors

The Problem: On the Vauxhall VXR models alot of them have common issues with pistons melting. To solve/help with this issue you must upgrade the injectors. But you cannot simply plug and play with these injectors they need programming in via datalogging and ECU Remapping

The Question: The customer has bought the 395cc injectors and now I need to know what data you need to map them in and is there an extra cost on the file?

The Answer: For any aftermarket injectors we require full datalogging from the car to see how the car is coping / running with the injectors fitted. To map these in it takes alot longer than a standard tune. Therefore to perform this level of mapping it will use up 2 file credits. Please see below the required data for mapping in stage 2 / uprated injectors.

You will need to provide the following datalogging as a minimum:

intake air temp

coolant temp


boost requested

boost actual


long term fuel trims

short term fuel trims

ignition advance

knock detection

injector duration

Injector quantity in mg per stoke / per cylinder

Failure to provide full, correct and accurate data could cause engine / piston failure.

Thank you

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