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How do EGR deletes work?

How do EGR deletes work?

On most cars the EGR Delete software disables the operation if the EGR opening and closing so it’s not necessary to add a blanking plate.

But some EGR deletes only delete the DTC codes for EGR, this means to fully delete the EGR a blanking plate may need fitting but because the EGR codes have now been deleted this enables a plate to be fitted without causing a light to come on the dash for EGR insufficient flow usually a DTC code like P040x

In cases where a plate shouldn’t need to be fitted but after the EGR DELETE the customer still notices EGR related faults and issues this is likely to be either catastrophic EGR failure or just that the carbon build up inside the EGR has built up to the point where it’s blocking the EGR in the open position. In these a blanking plate is needed.

ONLY request EGR Delete if it’s 100% necessary

We have lots of tuners who request EGR delete willy-nilly you should only request EGR delete if your customer requests it themselves and it’s 100% necessary this is because of 3 reasons:

1. If requested an EGR delete you may need to now fit a blanking plate which is more work for everybody

2. On Modern vehicles where EGR and DPF system is fitted when the EGR system is deleted or not working the DPF cannot regenerate to clean itself. This results in a blocked DPF which could cost thousands to fix or hundreds to clean.

3. By requesting EGR delete your follow request will take longer, some EGR delete systems can take 20 minutes to delete. If you already requested a stage 1 tune then this could extend the file turnaround time to one hour.

In summery when doing a EGR Delete on a car with EGR issues already we need the fault codes and blanking plate may need fitting too. On cars with a working EGR system just the request on the map will give a working solution on 9/10 cars with no blanking plate needed.


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