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How do I know if a vehicle is KESS or KTAG?

Complete coverage list for KESS & KTAG

How do I know if a vehicle is KESS or KTAG?


We recommend downloading the KSUITE PDF list this includes the Full Coverage list KESS and KTAG when you receive the email from the below link open it on your phone or tablet for quick access on the move to the Full Coverage list of your tool

Also download on the app store Total Car Check or My Car Check App, here you can input the cars registration number to find out all the information about the vehicle then use this information gathered from the app to find the correct vehicle on the Ksuite PDF coverage list.

Stage 1 remapping always has its limitations up to the level of stage one, this is why our before and after figures match many other companies. Some companies are quoting higher figures that are not safely achievable without causing damage to the vehicle to gain jobs others are quoting stage 1 figures if the DPF was removed this is why some companies are quoting 10 to 30 horsepower more then what is recommended stage 1 limits. Quantum Tuning is one of the companies that offer the same level of stage one as us, this will give you a safe gain but a very noticeable increase for your customer. For brake horsepower and talk gains please download quantum remapping app from the App Store again here you can put in the registration number to find out the before and after figures of the vehicle that you’re looking for.

By using the quantum app, the total car check app and the Ksuite PDF coverage list you’ll be able to give your customer a quote, what you can do for their car and how much it’s going to cost them

Please see the link below:


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