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How are file credits calculated

File credits - How much doe's it all cost?


Many times we are ask; Can speed limiters be removed on the remap? The answer is yes and no. It depends on many factors, such as:
  • Type of limiter
  • If it’s on the flash file or EEPROM (KTAG read may be needed)
  • If it’s on the engine ecu or the body computer
  • If it’s a physical fitment or a software limiter
  • The ECU MODEL & Software number / version
  • Most limiters need to be set / reset via a scan tool like MS908P rather than a remap tool. If you send in the KESS read and request it we can see if it’s possible.
  • Laws against it in some counties or on HGV trucks

Items to measure to make a good data log of a vehicle

Required for anything above STAGE 1 remapping

Datalogging for mapping in uprated injectors

The Problem: On the Vauxhall VXR models alot of them have common issues with pistons melting. To solve/help with this issue you must upgrade the injectors. But you cannot simply plug and play with these injectors they need programming in via datalogging and ECU Remapping

The Question: The customer has bought the 395cc injectors and now I need to know what data you need to map them in and is there an extra cost on the file?

The Answer: For any aftermarket injectors we require full datalogging from the car to see how the car is coping / running with the injectors fitted. To map these in it takes alot longer than a standard tune. Therefore to perform this level of mapping it will use up 2 file credits. Please see below the required data for mapping in stage 2 / uprated injectors.

You will need to provide the following [...]


Map the Gearbox


Most will argue that the DSG gearbox is one of the finest auto gearboxes available on the market today. Its ability to change gear in a fraction of a second and predict the drivers next move is a master piece of engineering. However, like with all OEM systems it can be restrictive. Our custom DSG Remap is designed to remove these restrictions and adjust the settings to compliment the more performance minded driver.

DSG Remap

Our custom DSG Remapping service will alter the following parameters / options:

Increased torque limiter
When tuning the engine management system torque limiters are increased, however if the vehicle is equipped with a DSG gearbox the engine output will be limited by the torque limiter set in the DSG module. We raise the DSG torque limiter to match the engine torque output.

Quicker Shift Speeds
Shift speeds can be [...]

How do EGR deletes work?

On most cars the EGR Delete software disables the operation if the EGR opening and closing so it’s not necessary to add a blanking plate.

But some EGR deletes only delete the DTC codes for EGR, this means to fully delete the EGR a blanking plate may need fitting but because the EGR codes have now been deleted this enables a plate to be fitted without causing a light to come on the dash for EGR insufficient flow usually a DTC code like P040x

In cases where a plate shouldn’t need to be fitted but after the EGR DELETE the customer still notices EGR related faults and issues this is likely to be either catastrophic EGR failure or just that the carbon build up inside the EGR has built up to the point where it’s blocking the EGR in the open position. In these a blanking plate is needed.

ONLY [...]

How do I know if a vehicle is KESS or KTAG?

Complete coverage list for KESS & KTAG

How do I know if a vehicle is KESS or KTAG?


We recommend downloading the KSUITE PDF list this includes the Full Coverage list KESS and KTAG when you receive the email from the below link open it on your phone or tablet for quick access on the move to the Full Coverage list of your tool

Also download on the app store Total Car Check or My Car Check App, here you can input the cars registration number to find out all the information about the vehicle then use this information gathered from the app to find the correct vehicle on the Ksuite PDF coverage list.

Stage 1 remapping always has its limitations up to the level of stage one, this is why our before and after figures match many other companies. Some companies are quoting higher figures that are not safely achievable without causing damage to the vehicle to gain jobs others [...]

Premium add-ons

We believe that you should have access to more than just standard stage 1 tuning files!

A common question we get asked is:

Can I offer my customer pops & bangs, crackle and pop, ignition cut, popcorn & launch control?

Yes on ‘some’ vehicles we can but it depends on the software versions on the ECU to wether we can do this or not. We need to see the file off the ECU to be sure. Please ensure your customer is willing to have the remap done even if the premium extras can’t be added before submitting the file. This will avoid disappointment from your customer and wasted file credits.

Due to a very high level of research & development, difficulty, time and investment of map packs to do this level of tuning, we cannot offer these options at standard map price.

These extra add ons are classed as premium and stage 1.5 and therefore are not recommend for cars using standard parts.

Please ensure car is fully decatted when you [...]

What is a Wideband Sensor or ECU


A wideband oxygen sensor (commonly referred to as a wideband O2 sensor) is a sensor that measures the ratio of oxygen to fuel vapor in the exhaust exiting an engine. The measured ratio is expressed as parts of oxygen to fuel. If there is 15 parts of oxygen to every one part of fuel, this would be expressed as an air/fuel ratio of 15 to 1, or 15.0:1.

A wideband oxygen sensor allows the air/fuel ratio to be measured over a very broad range (often from around 5:1 up to around 22:1). The stock oxygen sensor (usually a NARROW-BAND sensor) can only measure the air/fuel ratio over a very narrow range (often from only around 14.5:1 up to 15.0:1).

How does the ECU use a narrowband oxygen sensor?

Your factory Honda ECU uses the output from a narrowband oxygen sensor to adjust fuel trim based on engine [...]

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